Monday, October 6, 2008

More planning

We drove into Linda, California today. Time to go to Walmart and stock up a bit. It is about 30 miles from the park which isn’t a bad drive. Of course we lived in the country before we became full timers, so we are used to having a bit of a drive to do any type of shopping. We picked up a couple Subway sandwiches on our way out for lunch…do they fan the bread baking smells out into the store on purpose? :o)

Besides our usual walks and computing we got into a flurry of emails with our friends Robin & Chad about where we might want to eat while in Vegas. In just over 3 weeks the four of us will be meeting up for a few days of fun, shows and food. Dave & I used to go to Vegas about once a year but finally got a bit tired of it. Haven’t been for a few years now so it should be fun. We aren’t much for gambling, but love the shows and restaurants of Vegas, besides there is a lot to do in that area besides the gambling stuff, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, etc. We are really looking forward to our stay there…and did I mention the shows…and the food? :o)

Photos: taken around the park
Video: taken yesterday at the Pet Beach

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