Friday, October 24, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

The morning was pretty quiet. It was a beautiful day again, on one of Cheye’s walks Dave took her over to a grassy area and gave her a rawhide. She loved it, rolled in the grass and gobbled down her rawhide. I did some cleaning and laundry. Nice to have a laundry room here! And only $1.25 per wash load and $1.00 for the dryer…not bad.

One of the things we really love about this area are the warm desert evenings. It’s the perfect time to get out and walk, so this evening we headed over to the strip and did some walking. We parked behind Treasure Island, walked up to Caesar’s Palace and had dinner at Planet Hollywood. From there it was to Bellagio’s to watch the dancing fountains, they are always fun to watch. We got home about 8:00 and my feet are complaining!

I’ll leave you with a short video of the Bellagio fountains…

Top: Paris Casino
Bottom: Bellagios

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