Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cooling Off

This morning Dave opened the window blinds and called to me to come quietly over to the window. There were 2 deer laying down in our “backyard” by our lawn chairs. They evidently slept there last night. What a lovely way to start off the morning.

Dave worked some more on cleaning out and up the pickup along with the trailer’s exterior and storage bins. I did laundry and vacuuming. While at the laundry room I chatted with a woman who was also waiting on her wash. She and her husband’s favorite Thousand Trails parks are the larger ones that have a lot of activities. She said; “…it used to be that you met a lot of people at the different activities and made some friends. Now everyone has a TV and the internet in their RV so they don’t go to any of the activities anymore…”

It was cooler today, only up into the mid 70’s. It was really a wonderful temperature, a little breeze and some clouds floating by. Some of the clouds were rather gray but we didn’t get any rain, that is supposed to come tomorrow and Saturday. Fall is on the way.

Top: Clouds rolling in
Bottom: Leaves turning red
Video: One of the two deer that were in our “backyard”

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