Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back into Town

Well, another laundry day so back into town . This time we went toward Roseville, CA because we wanted to stop at Camping World and Best Buy. Once we got to the laundromat we found it was right next to an Office Depot, which ended saving us a trip to Best Buy to buy a mapping program for me (Dave has one). After our laundry was done we made our way to Camping World and wandered around there a bit. Dave picked up a few parts and I got a cookbook and that was about it.

The afternoon was spent in the trailer figuring out the new mapping program and getting it set up. Street Atlas by DeLorme has more of a learning curve than Microsoft Streets and Trips (the program Dave has). We have the basics figured out, still need to play with it some more to see how the “bells and whistles” work.

Tonight should be quiet. Some TV and playing with the new program. Tomorrow is our last day at the Ponderosa campground. We will have to take Cheye for a long swim!

Photos & slide show from photos taken around Ponderosa campground


Chester said...
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Chester said...

Beautiful slides!
I enjoy traveling vicariously through your "Trailer Tales" blog.

I have both DeLorme and Microsoft Streets & Trips on my laptop - you can download the fully functional trial version here if you are interested:

Tom Warfield said...

I've used the Delorme software since it first came out years ago to replace the "AAA Map n Go" software and I'm sure I still haven't dug into some of the finer points. I know I can foul up a route bad enough that the software can not figure out how to route it.

Be careful about using an existing map to determine how long a potential side trip might be. I did that recently and ended up loosing the original route so all it currently has is the potential side trip. I still haven't determined what I did but I suppose I saved the side trip and not the original when I exited. I suggest starting a totally new map for this purpose and then adding the side trip to the original if wanting to take it.

Adding VIAs after setting the start & end points can end up putting them in the wrong order. Then you have to use the Route/Advanced display to move them to the proper location.

Be sure to set your speed preferences for each road type. (Route/Advanced/Route Prefs) Many of the defaults are really low. Then you can set the drive time or distance each day and have it display the approximate location for each nightly stop. This lets you then use the software and/or other references to find a campground/RV park in that area.

Though, I find the point of interest database sorely lacking in this area. I'm currently in a little town that has 2 RV parks and at least 6 gas stations. The software doesn't know about either RV park and only shows 1 gas station. It also shows a 4 lane divided highway as a "minor connector". Though not an interstate or federal highway it should at least be a "major connecter".

Dave and Lori said...

Thanks Chester! Glad your enjoying the blog. I'll get DeLorme figured out yet! :o)

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Tom,

Gosh, I can see I do have some learning ahead of me. Thanks for the tips! Every bit helps.