Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hawthorne, NV

We took off from Thousand Trails Ponderosa this morning about 8:30 on our trek to Las Vegas, NV. The drive took us through some beautiful country of pine forests and granite boulders. We stopped at Donner Pass, we decided we really didn’t want to eat there so we traveled on. Our thought was to go as far as Fallon, NV today but decided to go a bit further and ended up in Hawthorne. I was surprised to see a light dusting of snow up in the hills around Lake Walker.

We got in to Hawthorne about 2:00 and the clerk at the Whiskey Flats RV park mentioned that a local casino, El Capitan, has a prime rib special tonight starting at we decided to just have a snack and go in for a early dinner. After the trailer was set up we had our snack, took Cheye out for a couple walks and sat outside enjoying the day.

As we went in for dinner there was a person out by the RV park starting up a motorized para-sail (not sure if that is the correct name). We watched for a while but he never went up in the air, maybe he was just practicing.

Both taken today at Donner Pass
Video: Slides taken at Donner Pass and Whiskey Flats RV Park in Hawthorne, NV


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I’ll make no bones about it, we were dead hungry when we got there but after chewing the fat we kept our heads, rallied the wagon and traveled on. :o)