Saturday, October 25, 2008

Homebodies Today

Today we were homebodies. Well, we did drive over to the Horseman and Dog Fancier’s Park here in Vegas. It is only about 2 miles away and we thought Cheye might enjoy some romping time. I had it pictured much differently, more like a large park with trees and shrubs. For the dogs it’s basically 4 large fenced in areas a couple trees and a picnic table or two. There is also an area to ride horses, more like an arena than a park. But Cheye seemed to enjoy it.

All of our neighbors have left so we have space on both sides of us now. It was funny, after one Class A neighbor left we went outside and behold - my Halloween whirly-gig! It blew off our shepherds hook the other day when there were some strong winds and we couldn’t find it. We both looked under that RV but didn’t see it. I have now wired it to the hook!

Top: Cheye at the dog park
Bottom: Fountain outside Caesars
Video: Slides from the Strip

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