Tuesday, October 28, 2008

RV Parks

Today was a typical day in the life… I spent the majority of the day playing with my new animation program. Actually I bought it awhile back, let’s see….ummmmmm….where were we….oh, when we were staying at Ponderosa and we went into town to do laundry. I have to admit, it’s getting hard to remember when we were where. :o) Anyway, I’ll post one of my little animations tonight. I don’t expect Pixar will be calling anytime soon, but I had fun creating it!

I wanted to mention that there are a couple other RV parks just down from us. In case you are not Thousand Trail members and want to RV to Vegas this area is a pretty good location. There is the Roadrunner RV park and Arizona Charlie’s Casino & RV park. They both look pretty nice. I took a couple photos as we drove by today.

Top: Normally the Thousand Trails signs are just painted wood…not in Vegas!
Below: Top 2 are Arizona Charlies, the next two are Roadrunner RV
Video: My little animation.


Anonymous said...

what happend to the annimation video? Robin

Dave and Lori said...

It's playing okay for me, can't you see it or won't it play?