Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We traveled about 75 miles south to the Thousand Trails Ponderosa Preserve just out of Lotus, California. It’s a nice park, it is along a river, has a very nice store with a bit more of a café than we have seen at most of the Thousand Trails. It’s not a big park, no laundry room, but it has a pool, nice restrooms and friendly staff. There are a fair amount of trees but we were able to find a site that can get satellite signal.

After we arrived we decided to go for a walk. Cheye went for a swim in the river and then we explored a bit. We found the dog run, beach, dog beach and wandered through the store/café. Once we got back to the trailer we had lunch and then relaxed outside. On another walk before dinner a woman and her 2 children were on the beach by the river. They had caught some crawdads and were about to let them race to see which one made it back to the water first.

It was warm today, in the mid 80’s but it is cooling down considerably this evening. It’s been a fun day, I love full-timing. It’s really wonderful to be able to visit all of these different areas.

Photos: taken today in the campground.
Video: Short video of Cheye in for a swim in the river

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