Monday, October 27, 2008

Gone to the Birds

A pretty quiet day today. I did another load of laundry in the morning and took Cheye for a walk. We had mail to pick up today so we headed out to the Henderson Post Office which is the one the park recommends to use. The rest of the afternoon was typical walks, computers and such. Tonight we are watching Monday Night Football.

One of the things we got in the mail today was a new brush for Cheye. If you have ever had a Golden Retriever, or any dog with a thick undercoat, you know how badly they shed. With Cheye living in a 30 foot trailer it can get a bit hairy sometimes! :o) The brush I got is called a FURminator and wow, it does a fine job of getting that undercoat out. I used it today and had enough fur to make another Cheyenne! Well, enough commercial…. While I was out brushing Cheye I kept hearing these squawks, looked over and our neighbors have a Cockatoo! Her name is Priscilla and she is 7 years old. Cockatoos live to 80 - 100 years, so Priscilla will be handed down to her owner’s grandchildren. Anyway, I took a little video and a photo of Priscilla…she didn’t want to fluff her feathers up for me but she looks similar to the one pictured on the right, but her top feathers are white not yellow. She does have yellow under her wings, very pretty bird.

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