Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pool Side

I decided to spend a little time by the pool today so I headed over there about 10:30. I did some laps and then found a lounge chair. There were a few others there and we talked about some of the Thousand Trails parks, where we were from, etc. A little while later a lady showed up with her tape player and a water aerobics tape. She asked if any of us wanted to join in, so there were 5 of us in the pool hopping and jogging around… it was fun! I got back to the trailer about noon, Dave & I had lunch and then we both got on our computers. I played with my animation program again…so sorry, you’re getting another little animation tonight! I just have fun creating these.

Chad & Robin will be down here tomorrow evening! It will be fun to have them here. We have tickets for a show and reservations for a couple dinners…it will be a great time!

Photo: Boulder Station Casino is about ¼ mile from the park
Video: Another very short animation

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